iVybe Radio Loves Great Indie Music

iVybe Radio loves independent artist.  We are very committed to helping indie artist get the exposure they deserve.

Here is the information for submitting your music to iVybe Radio


We have to hear it to give you any feedback. By sending us your CD or MP3, you have given us permission to broadcast or otherwise exhibit your CD or MP3, in whole and/or in part.  However with each review, "airplay" is not guaranteed.  Send MP3s to Or by mail, send it to 818 Tyvola Rd Ste 109 Charlotte, NC 28217 Attention: Program Director.  Make sure all submissions are "clean radio" versions dirty versions will be ignored.


Please attach all of your contact info, Twitter, Website, and Song information. 


Submitting your music in no way implies that your CD or MP3 has been selected for airplay,

rotation, or spins.  Your music must be available for sale on digital sites i.e. iTunes, CDBaby, or any other digital sites.  If your music is not for sale it will not be considered for airplay.  Airplay consideration shall be at the sole discretion of the Program / Music Director of iVybe Radio. If you are selected for airplay, we will personally contact you. 

Once your music is selected to be added to our playlist here’s whats expected of you;  You must call us on our music day Thursday from 11a - 2p EST to check the status of your music.  Your contact person is Chris Clay or Heather Whitley.  This is music business and you’re expected to do what the majors do!  If you fail to do so you will be pulled from rotation and dropped from our playlist. (No Exceptions)  You Should also ask your fans and Social Media to Call, and Listen for your music.  More they listen more money you make.

And Finally ... Make sure your music is listed with BMI, ASCAP or SESAC.  You don’t wanna miss monies due to you for airplay.  We Pay Royalities!

Here is some "music industry advice":


A) Be serious about this. Be professional.

B) Utilize all media outlets and radio stations. We are not the only radio station around.

C) Make sure you have a marketing plan. Websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and iTunes are good ways to get the word out. (Also make sure your websites social networking pages are "clean" and "friendly". Make it look professional. Delete vulgar pictures and comments. Those are huge turn offs to radio stations and record labels)

D) Get a manager who knows the music business.

E) Get your music played at clubs. Hit up club DJs and have them listen to your song and play it to a crowd. See what the response is.

F) Do not have family and friends call the request line. If your music is good, we'll find out about it.

G) You can advertise your music by hosting CD release parties, or playing club gigs, THEN advertise with us to get people interested in seeing you. OR you can just advertise your music & website on the radio by buying a "commercial schedule". This is done by going through our sales department. 


There is so much more to music being played on the radio than most people think. Your music has to be in the same league as everyone else you currently hear on the radio. Know what the music trends are. What's hot now, may not be hot later.


Thank you for submitting your music recording and good luck with your future endeavors!


Chris Clay

Good Advice For You

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We Pay Royalties

We Pay Royalties

We Support R&B, Hiphop, Pop Jazz and Gospel Music

iVybe Radio Loves and Supports Indie artist!  Send us your track and let’s build your fan base and sell some music together!